Frying Rotus

That video is nuts! Hella original, and Flying Lotus is about as original of a cat that you could find. He’s based of out LA and is pretty much spearheading a genre with his un-quantized synthesizer masterpieces, and he’s the dude behind most of the music in the weird little Adult-Swim commercials on Cartoon Network. Hip folk are all over those shows, so that exposure got everyone and their mom jamming FlyLo’s music (even though many people never knew who they were listening to, he’s never credited anywhere obvious)

He def has a lot of insteresting things to say about music. When asked about the changing hip hop scene in LA he said, “Well, I feel like a lot of kids, a lot of halfway kids, come out here, kids who started making beats six months ago, thinking they can get on stage because their drums are off. This kind of stuff annoys me.”

That’s refreshing to hear from the king of slank. It’s hard to tell sometimes whether these producers are conciously innovating or if they just suck at the drums and don’t quantize their shit. My dad thinks it all sounds terrible and off, and he’s a pretty cool cat. Pretty hilarious. But FlyLo’s doing what he does deliberately.  He say on that same interview ( read the whole thing, it’s tight ) It’s organic. I just don’t quantize the stuff. You do what you feel and that’s what it is. You don’t try to out-feel yourself. ”

What’s so bad ass is that he’s straight up opening minds with songs like that one. He’s hot stuff right now, everyone’s giving him a lot of attention. So people who would normally never be exposed to something like that, totally are. That being said, there’s hardly a thing like it anywhere already anyway, shit’s so legit. He in general sounds like a legit guy, just making music, not overthinking shiat (like , erhrm, someone i know(am)).

And now, mere months after Cosmogramma (the album that the first two songs are from) comes a new EP, Pattern+Grid World. His catalogue is getting huge, and these tracks are all worthy additions. The song below is adventurous to say the least. I think he’s got a sick balance of goofy 8bit wonder and synth fantasia goin on, but I’m worried what will come out of people who try to copy this sound 😉

Anyway, yeah. He’s raw.


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