Aww tech her!

Naw, it’s Autechre. One of the more forward thinking electronic duos in the known universe. I wouldn’t actually consider them a part of hip hop’s current slankification, but within their own musical career they’ve expanded the minds of oh so many with head scratchers like this one.

That music video deserves a blog of it’s own. Shit’s dope.

Fairly recent Autechre. Totally nuts and totally awesome! Legend (wikipedia) has it, they met through the local graffiti scene in Manchester in 87 (a year before I was born!) and bonded over their love of hip hop. Their earlier works (debut in 93) were a good bit more accessible, and honestly don’t do much for me.

Like that, their first single (though that version could be a remix, unclear fasho.) 17 years is a long time, and their sound has clearly (and understandably) changed in that span.

Who cares? Forward thinking artists set the stage for new development. Autechre grew up listening to music from the 70s and 80s, and expanded on the sounds they were familiar with. Then when they got tired of those, continued out into the deep sonic tundra of “experimental” music. I grew up on late 80s and 90s music, and was introduced to the more extreme side of electronica when I was maybe 9, and didn’t even embrace it until my later teens, and I’ve been profoundly influenced by these wild textures and rhythms. What I think is exciting is the future crop of young, adventurous producers. What will hip hop sound like when the producer’s earliest memories of electronic music are Squarepusher, Autechre, or even extreme-extreme jams like Merzbow. It’s exciting to say the least. Each time someone releases a bold audio exploration, the bar is raised. Seasoned artists will copy and expand on each other’s work, while the listeners (especially the impressionable young listeners) sit in awe and submit themselves to the marvel of innovation. I love it. And Autechre aren’t freaking people out for the sake of being different, they’re investigating the outer reaches of their favorite genre. Even rock and roll was looked upon as abrasive at one time.

Next time we’ll talk about Flying Lotus, finally. He just recently released a new Ep that totally wrecks, and marks yet another forward step for the genre. Rave reviews and funky jams and even some possible concerns, lots to talk about.

Everybody reading this should open up garageband (or something tighter!) and muck around for a minute or two, feel creation in yo fingatipzzz

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