Is you iz

Flying Lotus and Samiyam colab, you’re life’s better now that you’ve heard it. 

These two guys are at the forefront of progressive hip-hop, and each are going to get their own entry 😉

Samiyam is up first. He grew up in Michigan listening to east coast hip hop and his dad’s old jazz records, and has since moved to LA to be closer to the budding experimental scene there. While not quite as extreme at Flying Lotus, Samiyam’s beats and squishy synth stabs often push the limit of danceability (if you ask a square, that is!). One look at the comments on any of his youtube videos shows that his style (this style, the whole thang I’m ever on here rambling about) is at the least, controversial. Half of the people say it’’s the face of new music, the future of hip hop and underground culture. The other half condemn it as crap or argue with the fans about it’s cultural validity. Samiyam, himself, says, “none of us are doing something that groundbreaking, but just some different shit, you know?” (  I wonder if he’s just being modest or if he really feels that way. The format is similar to hip hop, certainly. Samples and drum machines and synthesizers in sometimes-repetitive patterns, but the laidback soul of hip hop culture shines through in his production.

He mentions in that same interview that, “the kids are getting something a little bit different.” Being one of those kids, I can absolutely vouch for that. Kids are always looking for something rad and different, and his rhythm stands out so obviously as real exploration. Lovers and haters agree that it’s engaging and new.

 With an almost impish disregard for standard quantization, Samiyam slyly slips his listener’s an audio envelope of funky mystery. What interests me so much is the direction this is all leading. People who pick up a drum machine for the first time today will have so much fresh inspiration to draw on, and media outlets, particularly Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim,” have begun disseminating the slanky scene phenomenon to kids and young adults all over the world. It’s funny to think of how many people will be touched and influenced by these songs just because someone at that TV station really digs new, experimental hip hop. They could’ve been into anything, but since it’s Flying Lotus and Dilla all over the place in between hit shows, they and the station both gain mega cool points.

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